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Ignite your passion again! Do you have any ideas & would you like to help in setting this up? Do you have the time to be a committee member? What do you like doing, Gardening, Making, Push Bike & Other Refurbishment, 3D Printing, Woodwork, Metalwork Tea & Coffee & lots more with good company of course. What’s your passion?  Let’s move forward together after this terrible Corona virus. 

Thank you

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My Story …

Hi, My name is Mike. 

2020 hasn’t been good to me, lost my wife in January followed by the Corona virus. So being left on my own I wondered how to move on when I remembered reading an article about Mens Sheds. I decided I was going to remain positive. I wanted to giving something back to the community and try to help others in the same situation whilst gaining some good company. I searched Mens Sheds on the interweb and found there was nothing local so I thought lets start one even though it’s the middle of a pandemic.

 But then again you don’t get to choose when bad things happen to you!

The Shed has around 18 members. The Shed has premises comprising of two large sheds and two greenhouses available along with 5 large raised beds and would welcome help and advice on progressing the project further. The Shed is open to anyone and any project suggestions like gardening, woodwork, metalwork, 3D printing, push bike & other refurbishments. Come on, what’s your passion?

If you feel lonely or have any ideas then please take that first step and give me a call on 

07585 226555 

for a chat about anything anytime. If email is easier then its welshlegend@icloud.com

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There is a big welcome here for everyone - What’s your Passion?

Jonathan Edwards MP Visits The Shed

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Prusa 3D Printer

Everybody prints just about  … But 3D printing is a long way from printing your electric or gas bill. It all started with a grant from Bro Myrddin Housing Association which enabled us to buy a Prusa 3D printer kit which the members managed to put together even though it took a little longer than the quoted 8 hours assembly time. On the plus side it all worked first time. Then there’s the software, A cad package to design stuff and Prusa’s own Prusa Slicer software to print stuff - Its a really steep learning curve.

We designed a new plastic part for a metal grinder to repair it for the local community.

There will be a demo of the printer in Llangadog Centre on the dates in the advert - See below

3D Printer Video


Keyring Design

LLL Men’s Shed

Lift Sharing, The Greener Option

If you are interested in becoming a shedder but you are struggling for transport to get to our weekly meetings then please ask for a lift share. I am sure that one of our existing members will be able to offer you a lift which also saves on car emissions keeping the planet greener - Please ask?


 The (LLL) Mens Shed Cat

LLL Mens Shed Completed October 24th 2020

LLL Mens Shed Bench Project 2022

Just Because Your Struggling Doesn’t Mean Your Failing


What we can offer …

Do You Feel You Have Lost Your Purpose In Life Become A Shedder!


What’s it about?

The Shed is a larger community-scale version of the typical man’s shed in the garden. It is a place for making and mending, a place where the person feels comfortable enough to pursue practical interests with like-minded people. A place that is safe and friendly, where skills can be shared. The aim of this Llangadog, Llandeilo & Llandovery Mens Shed is to provide a place where people from the community can come together to work on projects and be in good company.


Welsh Language

Llangadog, Llandeilo & Llandovery Men’s Shed regards the Welsh and English languages with equal importance and believes that all who make contact with us have the right to do so in Welsh or English, whichever is their chosen language. Visitors or callers to Llangadog, Llandeilo & Llandovery Men’s Shed will be greeted in their preferred language whenever possible. If further communication in Welsh is preferred, then that can be arranged.


Equal Opportunity

Llangadog, Llandeilo & Llandovery Men’s Shed fully accept and welcome that society consists of many diverse groups and individuals and this diversity is an asset to the community.  We also recognise that certain groups and individuals are discriminated against and we are opposed to this. We will promote equal opportunities and we will pursue equality for everyone at our shed.


Safety / Abuse

Llangadog, Llandeilo & Llandovery Mens Shed will not tolerate the abuse of adults in any of its forms and is committed to safeguarding adults from harm. Abuse can take many forms and may include physical abuse, sexual abuse, psychological abuse, financial abuse, domestic violence, modern slavery, self-neglect. All adults should be able to live free from fear and harm.

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Llangadog, Llandeilo & Llandovery Men’s Shed recognises that it has a responsibility to the environment. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and continually improving our environmental performance.   We will seek to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible wherever possible.

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